The Catholic University of America

Scholarships and Financial Aid

The Drama Department awards Scholarships and assigns Teaching Assistantships for Graduate Students in the programs as follows:


M.F.A. Programs:

Scholarships and assistantships may be awarded to MFA candidates. 


M.A. Theatre History and Criticism

Each year three 25% tuition scholarships will be awarded.  The scholarships cover 25% of tuition costs for either full-time or part-time study.


MA Theatre Education

Each year 3 scholarships of $1,000 each will be awarded.  Some students in this program may also qualify for the University’s 50% tuition waiver available to MA applicants who teach in Catholic Schools.  (Catholic School Teachers Tuition Waiver for half of the student's tuition can be considered for full-time teachers, counselors, and librarians in Catholic Elementary and Secondary Schools.)


All applicants are considered for the scholarships available and no separate application for a scholarship is necessary.