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Creative Teaching through Drama Track

Consider the Creative Teaching through Drama Track of the MATE degree program if you are -- or want to be:

A Teacher of Arts-Integrated Classroom Drama Lessons

Add arts-integrated drama learning strategies to your teaching repertoire.  Learn ways to actively and productively involve students in the study of other curriculum topics via drama while earning the Masters degree required by most school systems.

A Drama/Theatre Teaching Artist

Increase your effectiveness as an artist who delivers drama and theatre experiences in educational settings.  The MATE coursework provides a solid grounding in the educational aspects of theatre and production, the use of drama as a learning method, and other educational issues and practices.

A Closer Look...

The program's curriculum concentrates on four related areas:

  • creating a more complex understanding of how the drama can impact and enhance the curriculum in K-12 schools.
  • developing practical skills for the directing of classroom plays or school assemblies
  • using the techniques of dramatists (actors, directors, designers, playwrights) to enhance the learning process across the curriculum and in different educational settings, 
  • advancing the skills of the theatre teaching artist who works in educational settings to design and deliver effective educational drama experiences to students and teachers

The M.A. in Theatre Education requires the satisfactory completion of 33 course credit hours and passing a comprehensive exam.

The Head of the Program and the student’s adviser determine course choices in consultation with each student, keeping in mind his or her background and objectives. Each student must have a total of 30 credit hours of approved course work and complete a 3 credit supervised project (DR 951).


Requirements -- Creative Teaching through Drama Track

To earn an M.A. in Theatre Education, students must successfully complete seven courses in the Drama Department and two courses in the Department of Education. See list of courses below.

The M.A. Program in Theatre Education is structured to allow teachers and artists to complete the degree in three to five semesters and two summer sessions at CUA, followed by one semester of supervised work (DR 951). M.A.T.E. students who work or teach full-time can choose to take one course each semester during the academic year. Each course will meet for one night a week.
Critical Studies Courses – Required

The following 7 DRAMA Courses are required:
DR 507 Drama in Education, Part I
DR 509 Drama in Education, Part II
DR 524 Acting/Directing Workshop
DR 526 Teaching Theatre

DR 603 Western Theatre and Culture I
DR 931 Field Studies in Theatre Education
DR 951 Supervised Theatre Education Project 

Drama Electives

Please note: All optional courses are chosen with discussion and recommendation of the student’s MATE advisor (who will discuss the options with the other MATE faculty when they meet prior or during the registration period).

Students may choose 2 of the following DRAMA courses:
DR 540 Scene Design
DR 541 Scene Painting
DR 542 Design Applications
DR 545 Production Design and Management
DR 565 Playwriting I
DR 594 Independent Study
DR 601 Introduction to Theatre Research
DR 604 Dramatic Structures I 
DR 606 Theatre Theory
DR 610 20th Century Theatres
DR 651 Elements of Directing I
DR 762 Adaptation
DR 984 Seminar: Shakespeare in Theatre
or another 500+ level DR course chosen after discussion/recommendation of advisor and faculty.
Students may choose 2 of the following EDUCATION courses:
EDUC 522 Race, Class, Gender, Disability - Education
EDUC 525 Psychology of Learning - Diverse Populations
EDUC 531 Literacy and Language Instruction for Diverse Readers
EDUC 554 Instructional Design
EDUC 555 Classroom Management for Regular & Special Needs Children
EDUC 570 Curriculum & Instruction in Elementary School
EDUC 576 Children’s Literature in the Classroom
EDUC 581 Education Diverse Learners
EDUC 582 Reading in the Content Areas
EDUC 584 Curriculum & Strategies in Early Child Ed
EDUC 586 Curriculum & Method in Adolescent Education

EDUC 637 Curriculum and Program Evaluation
EDUC 702 Advanced foundations of Education


The people that I have met and the classes that I have taken within the program have canged the course of my life for the short and long term. It has given me the confidence as an educator that I needed to become gainfully employed within the Public Charter School System.