The Catholic University of America

Scholarships and Grants

Catholic School Tuition Discount

Employees of Catholic schools get 50% off regular graduate tuition.

MATE Grants

  • Students who are not eligible for the Catholic School tuition discount may apply for grants of up to $5000 after they have completed 9 credits in the MATE course of study.



New MATE Tuition! Beginning Summer 2016

Students fully accepted into the MATE program are now eligible for the university’s Professional Programs Rate – which is approximately 40% less than the regular graduate tuition. Translated into dollar amounts, this means that beginning in the summer of 2016, MATE courses cost $1035 per credit hour (as opposed to $1710). This rate is comparable to or better than most out-of-state graduate tuition costs.

Please note that Catholic School employees who are getting the 50% discount do not get the Professional Programs rate. They will be billed using the regular graduate tuition rate and the discount applied accordingly.


The MATE program is an excellent program with highly skilled and supportive teachers. Dr. Rosalind Flynn works hard to provide a supportive environment, encouraging students far beyond the classroom. Entering the program, I only had experience as an amateur actor, and I left the program as a designer, playwright, and director. I feel thoroughly prepared to teach high school theatre. The program also teaches valuable theatre skills outside of education, and I am very grateful for the opportunities it has given to me.