The Catholic University of America

King Oedipus Zeus to Deus
By Sophocles
Adapted by William Butler Yeats
Directed by Orion D. Jones, MFA Directing Candidate
October 9-12, 2014
This new production of Sophocles’ most famous play about the rise and fall of King Oedipus, translated by W.B. Yeats, tells the story of a man’s ambition to learn a truth that may condemn his own life but save his realm. As the play progresses, it also explores the emergence of Christianity and its roots in Greek polytheism, provoking questions of reason and faith.

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                                                        Photo credit: C. Stanley Photography

Production Staff

Set Designer, Klyph Stanford*
Lighting Designer, Alberto Segerra
Costume Designer, Gail Beach*
Sound Designer, Phillip Carluzzo
Mask Artist, Tara Cariaso

* Member of United Scenic Artists Local 829


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