The Catholic University of America

Undergraduate Programs

The Department of Drama offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs that provide for the development of imaginative, disciplined expression in the theater, and for students' intellectual growth and cultural enrichment. In its degree programs, the department provides prospective teachers, actors, directors, designers, playwrights and scholars with practical skills and sound knowledge of the history of the theater.

The theatrical art, in addressing our imaginations, intellects, emotions, faith and moral being with compelling immediacy, synthesizes a liberal arts education. The faculty is committed to providing both challenging theatrical productions and a challenging academic program in the belief that each enriches the other.

In leading toward the B.A. degree, the department differs from specialized conservatory training by offering a program that informs and is informed by a full liberal arts education. Opportunities for performance and technical work accompany the season productions and numerous laboratory productions every year. Drama majors must earn crew credits by working on department productions.

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