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Life in the Department

The department cultivates a warm and caring community infusing fun activities throughout the year. Alongside serious studies and hard work, we have BBQs, Shop Fun Days, and the Gilbies, our version of the Tony Awards organized by the senior class. The camaraderie experienced in our department, often remarked upon by students and alums, is considered a highlight of attending CUAdrama.

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Coming to Catholic and joining CUAdrama was like joining a second family. I made some amazing friends in both the undergraduate and graduate programs that inspired me and pushed me to do better. The faculty cared about their students and were so instrumental in my progress as an actor and a person. I know I'm leaving CUAdrama with superb training and lifelong friends and memories.

Lauren Snyder, B.A. '14 


St. Genesius Ceremony  
 The Gilbies

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