The Catholic University of America

Minor in Performing Arts Management

Courses in accounting, management, and marketing offered through the Drama Department, the School of Music, and the School of Business and Economics prepare students for all aspects of nonprofit management in the performing arts.

Advising will be coordinated through the School of Business and Economics.



(1) ECON 100 – Fundamentals of Economics
(2) ACCT 205/305 – Introductory Accounting
(3) MGT 223/323 – Management: Theory and Practice
(4) MGT 345 – Marketing Management*
(5) MGT 375 – Business of Music & Drama

(6) Select one from:

DR 306 – Theatre Production
MUS 501A – Concert Creativity
MUS 506 – The Musician in Modern Society
MUS 533 – The Business of Independent Studio Teaching
MUS 575 – Arts Administration

(7) Select one from:

DR 495 – Drama Management Internship
MUS 495B – Music Management Internship

Note: Course prefixes for the courses chosen in (6) and (7) must be the same.

*Prerequisites: Junior standing, ACCT305, MGT323, and one of the following: ECON100/101/102/103/104 or HSSS102